Ferratus wines are created to be enjoyed. With a modern, elegant and harmonious style, the bottle and the passage of time refine, balance and round off the wine until it is ready to be consumed.

However, if you want to keep it, the storage conditions have a direct impact on the evolution of the wine and its quality.

While the wine is in the cellar, we take care of every detail, but when it comes out, the ideal place for its preservation is a wine cellar. Remember that if you want to consume it at 14º, you should have the thermostat below 12º, as there is always a difference between the glass and the liquid inside.

If you do not have one, you should consider a series of factors to store it at room temperature:

Place it preferably lying down so that the wine is in permanent contact with the cork, keeping it moist and improving its sealing.

Choose a dark place (box, closet, cellar). Light can negatively affect the wine through photodegradation of the riboflavin present in it, which is known as “light taste”. For this reason, among others, is why red wine bottles are kept in green or dark brown color, as this color is able to neutralize between 30% and 60% of light radiation.

Choose a place with a constant room temperature without reaching 18º, away from heat sources (avoid radiators, stoves, ovens, fires or heaters) and well ventilated, which will help us to regulate the humidity of the environment and prevent the appearance of fungi.

Also avoid sources of unpleasant odors that may penetrate through the cork and contaminate it (a damp wall, garbage).

Keep it away from sources of direct vibration/music (loudspeakers).


Not all wines improve with time and it is therefore essential to know how to distinguish which wines are good to keep longer and which are ready and should be consumed sooner. To know this, factors such as the vintage, the place of origin of the wine, the type of grape used to make it, the method of production, the time and type of aging and, above all, the place where the bottles have been stored must be considered.

As a rule, Ribera del Duero wines, due to their intrinsic and elaboration characteristics, lengthen their age of consumption, almost doubling the general averages of other regions, finding estimates such as:

Young wines with barrels between 6 to 8 months can be consumed up to 5 years later.

Crianza wines (more than 12 months) can be consumed up to 10 years later.

– And the reserva and gran reserva (from 12 to 24 months in oak) can be kept for about 15 years without problems. When these times are exceeded, the characteristics of the wines change due to their own evolution and they will not correspond to what was bought, but of course you will be able to enjoy them



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