FERRATUS is one of the most unusual rosés in Ribera del Duero.

  • 100% Tempranillo, the region’s leading red variety, from our San Juan de Monte vineyard.

  • 20 year old vines at an altitude of 910 metres above sea level.

  • Harvested by hand in 14 Kg. boxes.

  • Saignée method. Rosé “de lágrima”

  • Fermentation in 225 litre French oak barrels.

  • Ageing on lees and “batonnage”.

  • Limited production: 2.349 bottles

  • Best served between 8 to 10º.

  • Alcohol: 14,5º

  • Total acidity: 5,8 g/l

  • Market release June 2022 in a Burgundy style bottle of recycled glass.

  • Light raspberry pink colour. Clean and bright

  • Aromatic, floral and fruity: roses combined with red currants and a bitter citrus touch of orange peel and bergamot with a clove and pink pepper background and a balsamic touch.

  • The palate is expressive, complex and long. More structured than other rosés in its category since it is 100% Tempranillo fermented in barrel and aged on lees. Good balance between alcohol, acidity and tannin, resulting in an easy to drink wine with a powerful lengthy palate and a dense, balsamic and refreshing finish.

  • On its own, as an aperitif or mid-afternoon snack.

  • Flavoured pork sausages without paprika (Iberian salami, fuet, Bologna mortadella, bresaola, white sausages such as Bavarian sausages, butifarras, blanquets, longanizas). Iberian ham.

  • Dishes with tomato sauce (pasta, rice, meatballs, cod with tomato, lasagne, pizza).

  • Blue fish: sardines, mackerel, Almadraba tuna, dogfish, swordfish, anchovies, turbot, sea bream.

  • Light exotic cuisines: Asia, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Chile.

  • Desserts containing red fruits such as cheesecake, pavlovas, macaroons, cupcakes, panacottas with red fruits.


The weather in the summer of 2021 was marked by drought and this lack of rain  at the start of the harvesting season reduced the size of the berries. 

The harvest of the red varieties coincided with a change in the weather: the rains had a very positive effect on the ripening cycle, accelerating it and marking a specific harvesting time for each vineyard and plot. Although the percentage of Tempranillo harvested was 10% lower, the red grapes of this vintage came in healthy, powerful and of outstanding quality.

The wines of the 2021 vintage: “Excellent”.

The wines from 2021 surprise with their expressive and rich range of intense and lively colours.

On the nose, the red and black fruit tones stand out, together with mineral and floral hints.

On the palate, the tannins are pleasant and illustrate wines with perfect balance.

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